Sunday, December 8, 2013

Never a dull moment

So lots of crazy stuff cooking in The Wench Lab! I knew I couldn't run this shop on my own so I hired a few genius's to help me out! 

First I want to introduce you to Keelie Chatfield, aka half of KikiMiki Booksharks. This gorgeous gal has kept me on the strait and narrow ever since we met and has officially agreed to be my wrangler. I can't call her a PA because she will be bossing me around ;-). 

 Next I want to introduce you to my newest cover model, Nick Sabatalo!!! I have wanted to work with him since before I published Distractions, (He's a perfect Shepard right???) and I finally got my wish. He is hands down one of the best people I have the privilege to call a friend and I cannot wait to see what we come up with next. That cover is coming in January so stay tuned! 

Keep tuned for more happenings! And thank you for your patience! Happy Holidays!

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